Paints & coatings

Zinc rich paints

Zinc rich paints@YOU、无码复出@YOU、无码复出,完美肉体完美肉体,止不住的性慾止不住的性慾 contain a high level (85%-92%) of zinc metal pigments which function as an active anti-corrosion component. This kind of paint creates a metallic zinc film that acts as a physical barrier, as well as providing cathodic protection for the underlying steel.

Zinc rich paints have been known to be the most effective anti-corrosion paint systems. When applying, the thickness of these zinc primers can vary between 6 and 125 microns. The thickness and zinc content will directly proportional influence the durability of the anti-corrosion protection.

The main application area of zinc powder paints is in the protection of industrial constructions (steel infrastructure, pipelines, bridges, windmills, offshore rigs, petrochemical and power industries, etc.) and the anti-corrosion coating for marine applications (sea containers, construction and maintenance of ships and marine equipment).

Zinc oxide

For many years, ZnO was one of the main white coloring pigments used in the paint industry. Nowadays, even if other materials are mostly used for this purpose, zinc oxide still remains a very important paint component because of other important characteristics, for example, as mildew protection, UV protection, hiding power, and the neutralization of acids formed during paint oxidisation. Not surprisingly, Zinc oxide is found in anti-fouling paints for ships, steel protection and maintenance painting

Mechanical Plating

Zinc Metal Pigments (ZMP) are extensively used in mechanical plating and galvanizing whereby small steel parts (screws, fasteners, rivets, bolts, etc.) are coated with a very thin, uniform layer of zinc, which provides enhanced corrosion protection without the introduction of hydrogen embrittlement.

Sherardizing is a process in which a zinc coating is applied to small steel parts. The application is similar to Mechanical Plating but is applied at higher temperatures (380-450° C).


  • Fine Zinc Powder

    As the global market leader of Fine Zinc Powder (formerly named zinc dust) with a production capacity of 100.000 tons per year, we developed three unique production process (Atomization, Larvik & Muffle), allowing us to offer the widest range of products.

  • EPM

    Zinc oxide EPM is a direct or American process zinc oxide, which is produced by a reduction-oxidation process. The result is a high-quality zinc oxide with low lead and cadmium content, which is particularly needed in industrial applications.
  • EPM-E

    Zinc oxide EPM-E is a direct or American process zinc oxide, which is produced by a reduction-oxidation process, followed by a special treatment resulting in a high quality zinc oxide. EPM-E has a low level of impurities and a particular fineness.
  • French Process Grades

    High purity zinc oxide.